UMTv2 / UMT Pro QcFire v4.5 Qualcomm Tool Setup Download

UMTv2 / UMT Pro QcFire v4.5 Qualcomm Tool

Supported Functions
* Read, Write Firmware
* IMEI Repair in FTM/Diag + Flash Mode
* Backup, Restore QCN 
* Backup, Reset, Restore Security (EFS)
* Reset FRP (Google Factory Reset Protection)
* Format UserData
* Read Pattern Lock Android 6.0, Un-Encrypted Devices Only
* Reset Lock PIN, Password, Pattern w/o Data Loss, Un-Encrypted Devices Only
* Enable Diag (Need OEM Unlock, May not work on BL Locked Devices)
* Reboot to EDL from Fastboot
* Reset Mi Account for Xiaomi Devices
* Disable Mi Account for Xiaomi Devices
* Factory Reset sideload Mode for Xiaomi Devices
* Disable, Restore Locks for Encrypted Userdata
* Motorola Boot Repair
* Xiaomi EDL Locked Device Service 
* Bootloader Unlock in EDL Mode for some Xiaomi Devices
* One Click Root for Qualcomm Generic Devices
* Forensic Functions Read Contacts, Messages in EDL Mode
* Save Read Contacts to vCard Format
* One Click Lock Reset Vivo Phones w/o USERDATA LOSS Encrypted User data
* Factory Method for Format FS
* EDL Authentication using Xiaomi Auth App Service Account Required 

Note: Some features are a device, brand specific, may not work on all devices.

What's New:
* T85
* Z5151V
* Axon 10 (A2020G) Pro - BETA (Must select Model)
* Axon 10 (A2020N3) Pro - BETA (Must select Model)
Rewritten Auth Request Routine
* Now auth request from Auth Exe should work smoothly
* Slower connections or slow server may cause auth timeout

Fixed Auth Bug for Older Phones
* Updated loader caused some old phones to ask for Auth
* Affected phones were Y2, S2, Redmi 5 Plus, etc
* Note 5 Pro may ask for Auth sometimes, it's normal, just retry
Fixed System Destroyed Message Bug on Redmi 7 / Note 7 Bootloader Relock

UMTv2 / UMT Pro QcFire v4.5 Qualcomm Tool Setup Download
File size: 140.8MB
Upload date: Jul 12, 2019
Download Qcfire tool here 

How to Download:
Download UMT Support Access.
Connect UMT Box/Dongle to PC and Run UMT Support Access.
Download required Executable from Installer folder.


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