Remove lock / pin / pattern / password Samsung Smartphone In FRP ON + OEM ON mode

Remove lock / pin / pattern / password  Samsung Smartphone In FRP ON + OEM ON mode

On this site, you will Find official Firmware, Stock Rom flash file, and more Solution here You will find Samsung Smartphone In FRP ON + OEM ON mode How to remove Samsung smartphone  Screen Lock, pattern lock, pin without data Loss Supported Android Lolipop, marshmallow, Oreo Follow below the link.

Simple Guide:-
1. First, we extract the Boot, Sboot, Recovery, System files from the official firmware Same Build Version

2. Then open the System file with the FlexHEX program because it is quick to save files after modification with FlexHex tool.

3. After opening the flex hex in the Hex program we search for this word locksettings.db and after finding it, we change all the characters of the word locksettings.db points ............... than we save the System file.

4. Now, after editing, we release the Sboot file from the same installation (the existing Sboot files  are available on the net) 

5. Then enter the phone to put the Download Mode again and perform the modified system file  with Recovery and Boot and Sboot official in the Ap 

Video Comming SooN : 

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