K.F. Tool V2.0 free tool without Activation

K.F. Tool V2.0 free tool with no any Activation 

Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei,MTK, Qualcomm, LG , HTC Screen Locks and  Frp Bypass Tool Full Working
K.F. Tool V2.0

Samsung Removed FRP on Both Method ADB Bypass And Download Mode, Network Unlocking, Diag Enabled And Many More Features.
HTC Network Unlocking, FRP Removed Bypass, Flashing, languages Enabled Oem lock, Reboot EDL And more .
LG FRP Remove,Diag Enabled.
Xiaomi Mi Account Bypass.
Huawei Removed FRP One CLICK.
MTK Repair IMEI .Read Nvram, Write NVRAM.
Qualcomm Read Information, Reboot To EDL and more, Enable Diag Mode.
Amazon:-Remove Amazon Application, Change Launcher, ADD Google Play Services.

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