EFT Dongle V1.4.1 Full Crack 100% working


EFT Dongle  V1.4.1 Full Crack 100% working 
Credit Goes to RNX (Nizar Radawi Radawi)

[GENERAL] Updated EFT-SU to version 3.03 with new features:
[EXCLUSIVE] [FIRST IN THE WORLD] Added support to patch (defex) protection
Added support to root Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 (A530F) android 8.0.0 without losing baseband
Added support to root Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (N960F) android 8.1.0 without losing baseband
Updated sign dm-verity hash to support android 8 on rooted ADB recovery
Added option to remove ScreenLock (FRP ON / OEM ON / CROM LOCKED)
[MTK] New models Supported

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Every Update will add New & Exclusive models to reset FRP & Screen-lock (FRP ON / OEM ON / CROM LOCKED)Devices supported
SM-C5000 (FRP: ON - CROM Lock: ON) SM-C7000 (FRP: ON - CROM Lock: ON) SM-C7100 (FRP: ON - CROM Lock: ON) SM-G6100 7.0 (FRP: ON - CROM Lock: ON) SM-G930V U4 (FRP: ON - OEM: ON) SM-G930A U4 (FRP: ON - OEM: ON) SM-G930T U4 (FRP: ON - OEM: ON) SM-G930P U4 (FRP: ON - OEM: ON) SM-J730F U2 (FRP: ON - OEM: ON) SM-A320F U3 8.0 (FRP: ON - OEM: ON) SM-A320FL U3 8.0 (FRP: ON - OEM: ON) SM-A810F U1 7.0 (FRP: ON - OEM: ON) SM-A910F U1 7.0 (FRP: ON - OEM: ON) SM-A5108 U3 (FRP: ON - CROM Lock: ON) SM-G5700 TGY 7.0 (FRP: ON - CROM Lock: ON) SM-G6000 ZC U2 (FRP: ON - CROM Lock: ON) SM-J530F U2 7.0 (FRP: ON - OEM: ON) SM-J710F U5 (FRP: ON - OEM: ON) SM-J5108 ALL (FRP: ON - CROM Lock: ON) SM-G930F U2 8.0.0 (FRP: ON) SM-G935F U2 8.0.0 (FRP: ON) 

Remove FRP in download mode with one click for the list of devices supported
SM-G6100 ZH 7.0TGY SM-G930V U4 SM-G930A U4 SM-G930T U4 SM-G930P U4 SM-J730F U2 SM-A320F U3 8.0 SM-A320FL U3 8.0 SM-A810F U1 7.0 SM-A910F U1 7.0 SM-A5108 U3 SM-G5700 TGY 7.0 SM-G6000 ZC U2 SM-J530F U2 7.0 SM-J710F U5 SM-J5108 ALL SM-G930F U2 8.0.0 SM-G935F U2 8.0.0 

Unlock network for Exynos devices using ADB on COMBINATION (Must be Knox 0) BETADevices supported➫
A320F A320FL A320Y A520F A520K A520L A520S A520W A720F A720S G390F G390Y G390W G570F G570M G570Y G610K G610L G610M J327U J327W J330F J330FN J330G J330L J330N j530F j530FM G530G G530GM G530K G530L G530S G530Y G530M J730F J730FM J730G J730GM J730K N950F N950N P585 P585N P585N0 P585Y P587 P588C T395 T395N G950F G955F N950F

Samsung Sm-J701F 8.1.0 ROOT DONE